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Old World Refinishing offers the finest in furniture refinishing and repair. Our craftsmen, with decades of experience, perform all their time honored skills by hand. Many steps are required to produce a professional refinishing job.

The first stage in our furniture restoration process is regluing and repairing. If one Pianodowel has come loose, it usually means the entire chair needs regluing. Old World Refinishing completely disassembles all chairs, replacing broken dowels, to make for a thoroughly strong re glued chair. The chair will not be strong if it isn't put into clamps. This forces the glue into the pores and cell structure of the wood where it is allowed to dry and crystallize for 24 hours. A properly glued joint is stronger than the wood itself without the use of nails or screws.

Different stripping processes separate professional refinishing jobs from those bargain, "I'll do it in a week" shops. Old World Refinishing uses the most painstaking process of all hand stripping. No hot tank dip stripping which will result in cracking or drying out your furniture. Stripping will not lighten a project that is naturally dark or stained dark and a light stain will not make a dark wood turn light.

Projects needing to be refinished in a lighter than original color may require a bleaching process. All projects are thoroughly hand sanded, large dents filled, and small dents sanded out. An even sanding job means an even staining job.

Old World Refinishing doesn't use premixed stains, rather we custom mix and blend out own colors for each project. Many other stages are required to bring about an exact match. It isn't as simple as wiping on a stain and rubbing in some tung oil. In addition to applying a custom mixed stain, different colored glazes and special fillers are rubbed into the pores to obtain not only a smooth finish, but the desired highlights and colors.


The finishing process is next, Old World Refinishing applies 6 to 8 clear top coats. The first several coats are a sealer. All spray applied to assure you of no brush or rag marks. Between every clear coat the entire finish is sanded, steel wooled, and hand rubbed. This assures an even sheen and eliminates rough surfaces.

All filled dents and imperfections must be touched up, Old World Refinishing's artists using the experience and training that only comes with years of apprenticing to custom blend ground pigments for each individual touchup location. Several additional coats of our special heat, water and alcohol resistant finish are applied, while sanding, steel wooling and hand rubbing the finished product, adding a glowing patina to last for generations to come.

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